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Olam began operations in the Gabonese Republic in 1999 with the establishment of a timber trading business leveraging our wide market presence in Asia and Europe. In 2005, we invested in sustainable Forestry Concessions and, by 2007, had signed the Provisional Convention for Sustainable Forest Management and Processing (CPAET) with the Government. Since 2010, we have signed several agreements with the Gabonese Republic, in line with its Emergent Gabon programme. Notably, the agreement for palm and rubber provides access to land by way of a long-term lease.

Olam consistently supports a range of social and environmental initiatives in the region, especially in our three principal areas of focus; Health, Education and Rural Livelihoods: we have installed 1,500 solar lamps, 600 water hand pumps near our sites and have distributed 7,000 school kits to the wider community.

Our product areas in Gabon include palm, rubber, timber, fertiliser and the Gabon Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Olam Gabon

Galeries Tsika, 2nd floor
Opposite to City Sport of Mbolo
BP 1024
Libreville, Gabon
T: (+241) 02 12 31 31 F: (+241) 01 76 14 84